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Adobe FrameMaker 8.0

Adobe FrameMaker v8.0

Вышла новая версия программы Adobe FrameMaker 8, которая предназначена для создания документации. В этой версии расширен список поддерживаемых форматов, появилась возможность вставки в документацию мультимедийного контента – файлов .SWF, а также 3D-моделей. Просмотреть файлы, созданные в новом FrameMaker, можно будет, используя последнюю версию программы Adobe Reader.

Еще одно нововведение FrameMaker 8 – поддержка Unicode, благодаря чему можно создавать документацию на разных языках. В программу входит многоязыковой словарь, а также средства для автоматической расстановки переносов для разных языков.

Adobe FrameMaker 8 software is a powerful authoring and publishing solution for technical communicators and an essential upgrade for existing FrameMaker users who want to author and publish technical documentation in multiple languages.

Unicode support (New) Edit and create content in multiple languages, and author content for global audiences with dictionary and hyphenation support for most languages.

Support for rich media (New)
Create more engaging online documentation by incorporating 3D models, rich Adobe Flash Player compatible animations, and simulations created with Adobe Captivate software. Generate Adobe PDF files with live 3D models.

New DITA support (New)
Use a prebuilt DITA application to author, publish, and distribute topic-oriented information in XML and create DITA maps.

Fully integrated authoring tools
Create, edit, and publish technical content with powerful features for automatic numbering, cross-references, tables of contents, indexes, books, and more. Automate formatting via templates and integrate tables, graphics, and images.

Flexible authoring environment
Work in a familiar style-tagging word processing mode or in a fully structured environment optimized for editing and producing valid XML and SGML. Manage your content entirely in XML, use XSLT during editing, and conform to industry standards such as DITA and DocBook. Easily convert existing documents to structured content through conversion tables. And import content from many other formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, QuarkXPress, and Adobe PageMaker software.

Powerful, scalable single-sourcing
Effortlessly single-source variations of the same document for different channels and purposes by building complex Boolean expressions for defining output filters in structured and unstructured mode. Easily distinguish multiconditional text through improved color coding. Use attributes to control conditional output in structured mode. Manage and rename conditional tags through a convenient new dialog box.


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