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Claris FileMaker Pro

Claris FileMaker Pro

Используйте FileMaker Pro для разработки и создания пользовательских приложений для вашего мобильного устройства, компьютера и Интернета. Также используйте его для доступа к своим приложениям на компьютерах Windows. Отдельные лицензии предназначены для отдельных пользователей, которым не нужно делиться данными с другими.
Claris FileMaker Pro

Harness the power of an open platform – now with better scalability and stronger security.
FileMaker 2023 delivers significant performance and security enhancements along with the scalability needed to share custom apps with more users and files.

Gain immediate value by upgrading to FileMaker 2023.
In the past several years, we’ve advanced FileMaker at a pace unmatched in the history of the platform. Previous releases opened the platform to other technologies like jаvascript and JSON so you can solve more business problems. Now with FileMaker 2023, boost the performance of your custom apps, increase scalability with more hosting capacity for users and files, and protect your data using updated security protocols.

Development + Scale
- Tackle a wide variety of problems using a platform that’s open and extensible for easy integrations with jаvascript, OData, REST APIs, and more.
- Create software solutions with less effort and without compromise using a more intuitive UI.
- Develop faster and more intuitively with reusable code like jаvascript add-ons.
- For greater scalability with higher capacity, get up to 1,000 simultaneous Claris FileMaker WebDirect users* and host up to 256 files — all without compromising performance.

Performance + Reliability
- Based on developer feedback, FileMaker includes extensive performance, stability, and reliability (PSR) improvements, giving you the confidence in the apps that run your business operations
- Run your systems more efficiently with backend infrastructure upgrades to OData 4.01, Java 17, Node.js 18, and more.
- Optimize your Linux deployment with support for Ubuntu 22 LTS on Intel and ARM processors. Plus, get more customization options and greater cost efficiency.

Security + Trust
- Protect your data more rigorously with updated security protocols including support for Open SSL 3.0, Send Mail with OAuth 2.0 authentication, and audit logging through a new script trigger.
- As an Apple company, Claris adopts rigorous security standards including holding SOC 2® Type 2 and ISO compliance accreditations.

Claris FileMaker Pro

Системные требования:

  • Windows 11 Enterprise and Pro Editions (64-bit only)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro Editions (21H2 64-bit only)


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